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Leaf Light


Leaf Light is a personal light using innovative technology to bring the human touch to lighting. It gives the user a unique lighting choice that is attractive, innovative

and environmentally friendly.

Attractive touch control allows the user to easily adjust the light intensity and colour, changing from warm to cool light to best suit a mood, task or location.

The Leaf Light LED’s stay cool through the use of a proprietary heat distribution system that allows heat to be dispersed and released without the use of a cooling fan.

Leaf remembers the user’s preferred light colour and intensity. When turned on, it retains the previous settings.

The lower blade rotates 180°and pivots 27.5° forward and 23° backward. The upper blade pivots 210° to extend for direct lighting or to fold for subtle, ambient lighting.

Leaf is available in five colours to complement a variety of settings: Black, White, Red, Nickel and Polished Aluminium.

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