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The Aeron chair, iconic and pioneering, with its Pellicle® seat and back suspension provides truly customised support, whilst maintaining the users body at room temperature.

The chair moves in sync with your body thanks to the Kinemat® tilt which means that as you move the chair tilt responds leaving you balanced and in control. And with the Posturefit® providing lower back comfort, you are experiencing ergonomic design at its best.

The Aeron is available in 3 sizes fitting 99% of the population and comes with a wide range of options including forward tilt, tilt limiter, lumbar support, arm height, arm angle and even a coat hanger.

This is a chair that blends into its surroundings due to the slightly transparent and reflective nature of its surfaces, it enhances not dominates its environment. The Aeron is available in a graphite or polished base and arms and comes in a variety of pellicle colours for the seat.

The Aeron is made durable for a long and useful life with components that are easy to remove and replace which extend the chairs life span and make it easy to take part for recycling.


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