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Linea represents good design, choice and quality at affordable prices.

The Linea family of products is suitable for many applications and consists of 3 task chairs and 4 visitor chairs with many options available.

The chairs are light, bright and colourful, designed to work in any environment. You can mix products, materials and colours to blend or complement your work space.

The task chairs, available in either silver or polished aluminium bases, come with the choice of 2 high quality mechanisms for effortless balanced control and the options of forward tilt, seat depth adjustment, lumbar support, arms and headrest.

The visitors chairs come in 4 seat/back combinations and options include silver or black frame, arms, row linking, seat numbering and a mobility trolley.

The upholstery and fabric elements of the chairs are replaceable with the chairs themselves being 99% recyclable and taking less than 5 minutes to disassemble for recycling.

All the packaging can be re used or recycled.

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