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Meda Group


Medais a family of office chairs designed by Albert Meda to cover a range of requirements.

Meda 2 is a next-generation office chair. Meda 2 is a superior combination of technology, ergonomics and aesthetics; it complements the Meda Collection of executive and conference chairs.

Meda 2 features only perfectly designed details: from the plastic frame elements in black and grey that lend the chair its typical appearance through to the visible mechanism. The netweave used for the backrest gives the chair a sense of lightness and transparency. The design of Meda 2 is a symbiosis of function and design.

MedaPal focuses on the essentials. The office chair has a light appearance, while combining intelligent technology and great comfort, is easy to use, and can be swiftly and simply set to the individual userís requirements.

The backrest consists of a single section and provides both lumbar support and flexibility in the shoulder section. The seat shell and armrest frames are made of polyamide, ensuring MedaPal is light, comfortable and yet stable. The conscious use of specific materials delivers a cost-effective but high-quality chair.

MedaPro is an office chair with clear lines designed to be ultimately straightforward. All the functions are self-explanatory and the chair can thus be easily adjusted to an individual userís needs. Thanks to the intelligent combination of different materials, MedaPro is very stable in those zones subject to great stress, but flexible wherever it needs to conform to the body. The large opening angle between backrest and seat ensures relaxed reclining and takes the strain off the vertebral discs and muscles. The chairís mechanism features the right blend of support and movement for all users, irrespective of their size and weight. The clear shape, the high-grade materials used, and the finishing all ensure MedaPro has a long service life. The backrest, seat, armrests and base are easy to take apart and replace.


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