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The Mirra advances the science of ergonomic seating with several performance innovations that no other task chair in its price range offers.

Many of the Mirra chairs adjustments are passive, requiring no effort to operate.

For example the patented Triflex™ back which naturally flexes and adjusts to your shape, height and motion and the posturefit® backrest which contours for superior lower-back support and comfort when you sit upright or forward at a computer. Meanwhile the patented Harmonic™ Tilt means that you stay balanced as you change posture from fully reclined to task intensive.

Furthermore the Mirra’s Aireweave™ material seat adjusts itself the moment you sit down, moulding to your contours and distributing weight evenly whilst at the same time keeping your skin temperature constant and allowing moisture to move away from your body. All of this adjustability means that the fits 95% of the world’s population making it an ideal one size chair.

The Mirra is available in 10 seat colours and 8 back colours to mix and match meaning that Mirra offers multiple choices to blend, contrast and make a statement.

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