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ATM is an individual table system that focuses on the essentials, expressed in the restrained, dignified aesthetic that characterises the work of Jasper Morrison. The functional features of ATM are self-explanatory. The central element of ATM is the table whose top measures 180 x 90 cm or 220 x 95 cm. The table is carefully designed to fulfil functional needs: With chamfered edges, surface outlets for cables and accessory attachments, a power socket panel and a perforated mat to hold excess cable lengths, ATM is an all-purpose desk that can also be arranged to form group workstations for several people. ATM offers practical accessories to keep the work surface organised: lamp mounts, circular and rectangular trays, paper boxes. Screens create a sense of privacy and Mobile Units filing trolleys and rolling containers offer flexible storage space. Conference and visitor tables expand the functional applications of ATM.

Each component has its own distinctive character, yet logical compatibility makes them easy to use together. ATM makes an office into an attractive space, which is why this system is an especially good choice for workplaces with a studio atmosphere.


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