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Ad Hoc


Ad Hoc is an extensive office furniture system that combines form, function and emotion. It is highly flexible: work stations can be configured individually. Ad Hoc thus becomes the ideal companion for every change in the office.

Ad Hoc bases its configurations on tables of 160 to 400 cm widths and 80 or 90 cm depths. These can be chained sideways and lengthwise (across from each other). The base structure elements fulfill various requirements: trolleys that allow for storage of work utensils; universal boxes that help with organised filing; and CPU boxes which integrate technical equipment into the configuration. With superstructure and extension elements such as file boxes, screens and technology bars the work stations can be furnished to suit your individual needs.

A range of tables consisting of an individual table whose height can be adjusted from 68 to 82 cm, various meeting tables (optionally available on castors), a Conference Bench and a High Bench (allowing users to stand or use stools), round off the comprehensive Ad Hoc range.

These can be ideally supplemented by ‘Mobile Elements’ and the ‘Ad Hoc Storage Wall’. Ad Hoc thus creates varied and functional office rooms with the ideal conditions for mobile or stationary work, as well as planned or spontaneous meeting places.

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