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Ad One


Ad One is a modular office furniture system that adapts easily to the changing needs of an organisation.

Ad One is constructed according to architectural principles. The proportions of components are based on a 45 x 45 cm grid unit; the standard element is a single table measuring 90 x 180 cm. While the size of the table top remains constant, the vertical structure is variable: 4 table legs can support a solo, double or triple workplace.

Sensible storage components for above or beneath the table, together with the cable net, make Ad One a flexible, intelligent system that provides a comprehensive furnishing solution for any size office.

Even in offices with a large number of workstations, Ad One creates a calm and aesthetically pleasing environment, due to reductive formal qualities and the emphasis on vertical elements. Instead of competing with the interior architecture, Ad One complements it with restrained and compact forms. By adding colour accents, Ad One can also bring cohesion to an interior space.



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