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Alvaris a range of height adjustable desks, designed to cater for both sitting and standing use; a freestanding desk that can be used on its own or with other Herman Miller products. The worktop adjusts from 600 to 1250mm, meaning that it reaches both lower and higher than the ISO standard.

The Alvar desk is designed for loads up to 80kg per leg column, so it is ideal for situations where multiple monitors are needed. There are two methods of height adjustment, according to the model selected. Desks can either be adjusted by use of a leg pin at installation, or electronically by the user. Alvar has also solved the conflicting demands of cable management and height adjustability, with the use of a flexible umbilical cord and concealed cable dump.

Desks are available in an extensive collection of different top shapes and sizes, with a square or profile edge, all details designed to coordinate with the Herman Miller ranges.

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