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Level 34


Level 34 is an office furniture system that offers excellent solutions for both team-oriented work settings and individual workspaces where concentration is a high priority.

The basic element of Level 34 is the Bench, which rests 34 cm above the floor on widely spaced legs, giving the entire system a lightweight, almost floating appearance. Versatile modular elements are based on a unit length of 90 cm, and height measurements correspond to the standard height of a ring binder.

The Bench provides the framework for cable management and puts modules such as cabinets, shelves, tables, seating elements and flower boxes at an easily accessible height. The combination of elements is highly variable. They can be freely arranged along the length of the Bench and provide space for all kinds of working utensils: documents, accessories and technical equipment.

Cable baskets, which are built into the substructure of the Bench, provide horizontal and vertical connections for technical equipment, so that the planning of an office space is not dependent on a double floor or the position of floor outlets. This makes Level 34 suitable for a wide variety of applications: from efficient single and team workspaces with conference elements, to attractive lounge and lobby spaces or welcoming reception areas.



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