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My Studio


My Studio Environments helps people to keep things in balance, to keep their work, and the way the work, within their own control. It enables people to balance privacy with interaction, heads down work with heads up collaboration.

There are four design elements at the heart of My Studio Environments; Vanishing Point™ which gives a sense of personal space, About Face™ that ensures that the person can face the entrance, Zone Logic™  which helps people to organize themselves and Permeable Privacy™ that allows people to control the amount of interaction they need.

More than ever, choice, variety and connections at work have become essential to organizations that seek the best for, and the best from, their people.

My Studio takes this need to attract and retain talented staff very seriously. It provides them with an environment where they can work individually and collectively in a variety of spaces, making the kinds of connections that lead to fresh perspectives and new ideas.

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