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Tradexis a Herman Millerrange of dealer and control centre desks that provide high performance, modular elements and interchangeable features that adapt to the requirements of the user.

Tradex provides individual workers with a structure and platform that is independent of its neighbouring furniture. This allows multiple styles to be accommodated in one standard benching cluster. Tradex can also be raised or lowered in 12.5 increments from 670mm to 770mm. Further options include mechanical and electrical height adjustment which will raise the upper limit to 1200mm.

Multiple monitor arrangements can be accommodated per desk in the standard configuration on either the back of the work surface, on the central core or on individual posts. The working surface is manufactured in a standard width of 1550mm and can be adapted from 1200 to 2400mm. Clusters can be configured to maximise the footprint within the office space. Each desk features a metal CPU cage in which up to six tower CPU’s can be accommodated. For wire management, full length cable trays are mounted above the CPU space and below the work surfaces to contain equipment and cabling. The central spine contains integrated cooling venting to enable Tradex to be configured for both active and passive cooling systems.

Tradex is available in a wide range of work surface material and finish options as well as a soft edge profile available specifically for the work surface.

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