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Caucus is timeless and architectural with an aesthetic that resonates in contemporary environmentswhere design integrity and material continuity is of importance. Offered in an almost unlimited array of size, shape and finish combinations.

Caucus is an ideal candidate for the personal meeting space, mid-size conference area and full-scale boardroom setting. As a work surface, Caucus facilitates productive sessions with elegant and discreet power, video, voice and data connections.

There are two options, the leg table designed as a freestanding desk and accommodating up to 8 users, and the Plinth tables for larger gatherings in meeting rooms, conference areas and boardrooms.

The range also facilitates the needs of the modern business with an abundance of connectivity and wire management solutions. In highly adaptive, mixed use settings, the Caucus PowerCenter hosts power, voice and data services, as well as video, audio and USB connections, for rectangular tables.

Caucus, an intelligent platform for conducting business, with connectivity and choice.


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