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Intersect is a versatile group of freestanding elements that work together effectively to support all kind of creative interaction, from brainstorming to planning and presenting.

The collection is ideal for groups of two to six and several products can be easily expanded by users to adapt to larger gatherings. Whilst each Intersect product has its own character, all share design features for a cohesive look that coordinates with other Herman Miller systems furniture.

The portfolio gives people control over a meeting area. The elements can be deployed, scaled and moved to adapt to different people, places and tasks. They work in all kinds of facilities, including offices, schools, hotels and hospitals.

Each Intersect product has different functions to support different aspects of interaction. Each can be used alone. At the same time, Intersect elements are most powerful when used together.

The intersect portfolio is easy to specify, order and install while minimizing inventory complexity.

The portfolio consists of;

The ideas Exchange Centre, Telescopic screens, Mobile Easel, Work Island, Kotatsu Work Table, Foldaway Tables, Caper® Chairs and Celeste™ Seating.

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