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Design led individual pieces of furniture which are perfect in prestigious Executive offices, boardrooms, lounges, breakout and reception areas as well as in the discerning home.

There is an extensive, timeless collection of modern furniture designed by celebrated Architects and Designers from around the world.

Outline Design are able to source a broad range of iconic and contemporary pieces of furniture from the manufacturers who produced the original pieces.

The pieces that we supply are still being made to exactly the same specification as the designer originally intended, using all the elements and details of the original piece, .many of which are still hand made over several days or weeks and this therefore result in a unique piece of furniture.

Some of the design classics that we supply come fully authenticated with all the relevant paperwork to certify that the piece is made to the Designers original specification.

All of the pieces that we offer are to the highest and authenticated standards. We do not offer any copies or pieces from anyone other than the authorised manufacturers.

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