In common with a growing number of responsible office furniture manufacturers, Outline Design has responded to and will continue to respond to environmental concerns.

Every aspect of our manufacturers’ processes is continually examined in order to minimize or eradicate detrimental environmental effects.

We actively seek to work with only the manufacturers who consistently promote environmentally friendly policies. These policies include:

  • The responsible disposal of waste.
  • Recycling all materials where possible.
  • Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process.
  • Marking components suitable for recycling.
  • Minimising waste when cutting boards.
  • Manufacturing components from aluminium using castings which reduces waste.
  • Recycling paint waste.
  • Using water based solvents where possible.
  • Using robot spraying to minimise paint use. 
  • Using pre-formed foam to eliminate waste.
  • Recycling steel wherever possible

Many of the suppliers and manufacturers that we work with have reduced the volume of packing materials for finished goods that are sent out and have also made the commitment to recycle all packaging returned to them. Any waste products that we dispose of directly are taken to recycling centres whenever possible and any remaining waste material is disposed of responsibly and in accordance with local authority regulations. 

At Outline we do not knowingly use any manufacturers who source timber and associated materials from non-renewable and non-sustainable sources and our manufacturers have all made a commitment to source wood from managed forestry only.

We have also implemented a quality system whereby manufacturers are required to achieve ISO 14000 in Environmental Management or equivalent accreditation to meet our disciplined approach to quality and regulatory requirements.

Detailed documents for each manufactures environmental policies and procedures can be supplied. Whilst liaison continues with all regulatory bodies and trade associations.

As a business we have a policy of recycling all of our office waste and using wherever possible recycled products.